Best Diy Rustic Wedding Ideas – 2023

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100 Best DIY Rustic Wedding Ideas IdeasToKnow

Best DIY Rustic Wedding Ideas – 2023


Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. If you’re looking for a charming and unique theme for your special day, consider a DIY rustic wedding. Rustic weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a cozy and intimate atmosphere that is perfect for celebrating love. In this article, we will explore some of the best DIY rustic wedding ideas that will help you create a memorable and beautiful event.

What is a Rustic Wedding?

A rustic wedding is a style of wedding that embraces natural elements, simplicity, and a touch of vintage charm. It often takes place in a barn, garden, or outdoor setting, and incorporates organic materials such as wood, burlap, and lace. Rustic weddings are known for their warm and inviting atmosphere, with a focus on creating a relaxed and intimate celebration.

Choosing the Perfect Venue

When planning a rustic wedding, the venue plays a crucial role in setting the tone for the event. Look for venues that have a rustic charm, such as barns, farms, or vineyards. Outdoor locations like gardens or meadows can also provide a beautiful backdrop for your rustic wedding. Consider the size of the venue and whether it can accommodate your guest list comfortably. Additionally, check if the venue allows for DIY decorations and personal touches.

Decorations and Centerpieces

Rustic weddings are all about incorporating natural elements into the decor. Use burlap table runners, mason jars, and wildflowers to create a charming and rustic ambiance. Consider using wooden crates or barrels as display stands for your centerpieces. You can also incorporate items like old books, vintage frames, and antique lanterns to add a touch of nostalgia to your decorations.

DIY Wedding Favors

One of the best things about a DIY rustic wedding is the opportunity to create personalized wedding favors. Consider making homemade jams or preserves and packaging them in cute mason jars. You can also create mini succulent plants in small pots or customize small candles with personalized labels. Handmade soaps or bath bombs are also popular choices for rustic wedding favors.

Food and Drinks

When it comes to food and drinks, keep the rustic theme in mind. Opt for a buffet-style or family-style meal with comfort food favorites like mac and cheese, barbecue, and pie. Serve signature cocktails in mason jars or offer a selection of craft beers and wines. Consider having a s’mores station or a DIY popcorn bar for guests to enjoy throughout the evening.

Entertainment and Activities

Keep your guests entertained with a variety of rustic-inspired activities. Set up lawn games like cornhole or croquet for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour. Hire a live band or acoustic guitarist to provide music throughout the evening. You can also set up a DIY photo booth with rustic-themed props for guests to capture fun memories.

Wedding Attire

For a DIY rustic wedding, opt for a more relaxed and casual wedding attire. Brides can choose a bohemian-inspired lace dress or a simple A-line gown. Grooms can forgo a traditional tuxedo and opt for a more laid-back look with a tailored suit or even suspenders and bowtie. Encourage your guests to dress comfortably and inform them of the rustic theme to ensure everyone feels at ease.

Photography and Videography

Capture the beauty of your DIY rustic wedding with professional photography and videography. Look for photographers and videographers who specialize in capturing natural and candid moments. Discuss your vision and the style you’re looking for to ensure they can deliver the aesthetic you desire. Consider having a pre-wedding photoshoot in a scenic outdoor location to add an extra touch of rustic charm to your wedding album.


A DIY rustic wedding offers a unique and intimate experience for couples looking to celebrate their love in a charming and cozy setting. By incorporating natural elements, handmade decorations, and personal touches, you can create a memorable and beautiful event that reflects your style and personality. Remember to plan ahead, enlist the help of loved ones, and enjoy every moment of your special day.

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