46 Best Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas You Will Totally Love

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Tuscany is home to wineries and grape vines, a natural, free and easy style of living that takes place in the middle of Italy, which is home to villas, old style farmhouses where hens lay eggs on a sunlit ground. It was to this area that those of the Roman Empire retired to seek the comforts that the soft breeze and the peace and solitude could offer them. Farmers seek out its lush greenery and its rich soil in which to plant their crops and the livestock grow fat and sleek here.

Tuscany is relaxation, clean lines, simple styles, easy living and mother nature at her very finest. Tuscan home décor, whether realistic or contrived, is largely the same. You’re looking for the deep rubbed tones of a hardwood table, sturdy chairs and an iron stone mug of cocoa as opposed to the finest china to hold in your hand. Tuscany is easy living.

To gain the atmosphere that you would feel and see there, you’re going to want to incorporate into your Tuscan home decor, a lot of peaceful comfort. Styles that let you put your feet up and sit back with a cup of coffee and a good book, or a quiet conversation in front of a fireplace.

Far from the crowds, the hills of Tuscany create the style of life that everyone wishes they could take part in. The Tuscan home decor should ideally recreate that for you, replete with warm comforts, soft cushions and hardy woods that invite you to relax.

The key phrase for Tuscan home decor would be rustic comfort. The style isn’t modern brass and glass, nor would it fit into the atmosphere that prevails there. You want the rooms that are decorated in Tuscany style to be filled with heavy wood furniture, painted or textured stone walls or faux stone, soft worn lighting and wrought iron wall sconces to complete the look of old comfort.

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Your floors in the Tuscan home decor would be of stone or marble or faux versions of the same, to offer easy care and lived in comfort to the guests. You want to make your home look inviting enough that it’s going to be a lengthy visit that people want to pay to you because your home invites them inside and beckons them with its comforts.

Tuscan home decor is not only warm and inviting, not only comfortable but hardy and sturdy. The Tuscan home has stood the test of time and will continue to do so.