45 Awesome Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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Some have the natural born talent while most others take time to learn the skill. Some can see how colors blend perfectly like coffee and milk. It’s interior designing.

But you don’t have to be a fine arts graduate or have an interior designer degree to achieve that rustic and relaxing feel you want for your farmhouse. All it takes is a few creative ideas you can follow from these simple tips.

A farmhouse dining table is simply styled, designed and created from the simple times of the farm life of the 1700’s. Though they are typically oversized, rectangular topped, and made of 100% solid wood (whether oak, maple or pine), they are incredibly sturdy and tend to exude a feeling of rustic elegance.

Whether you want an authentic farmhouse dining table constructed sometime in the 1700’s or you need to be more budget conscious and you would like an exact replica, there are many beautiful tables to choose from. And perhaps the most fun thing you can do is redesign your wooden tables and make it look antique.

If you want to achieve that weathered dry look on your table, just dab vinegar over all the surface of table. Do the same on the table legs and let it soak for some time before adding sealer to it. The sealer will darken the color of the wood.

For a more contemporary appearance, try looking for a mirrored coffee table with simple black or brown color. They can either be sophisticated with accented leg design or simply round topped and clear.

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The best place to situate your table is by the window or near folding glass panels where ample amount of lighting will reflect and show the table’s elegance. Depending on the purpose of the table, you can add a little centerpiece of woodwork for more drama or keep it plain so you can use the surface to place books or your mug of coffee.

If you want to use the dining table as your main dining area, dangle a wooden chandelier above for a more glamorous feel. You can also play by colors and decorate you farmhouse by area, for example: put orange chairs by a fireplace, a yellow set of patio chairs and tables outside the garden with yellow flowers on the side, crimson hue curtains and bed sheets for your guest bedroom.