44 Modern And Minimalist Kitchen Decoration Ideas

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You don’t have to be stuck making meals in a kitchen that’s as drab as a cloudy day. With a little imagination and some effort, you can create a great dramatic look that will make your kitchen one of the best looking rooms in your house.

Here are a few kitchen decorating ideas you can use to create a whole new view:

1. Go for comfort

More than anything, comfort and function are two of the considerations that should be top priorities in your mind. Don’t sacrifice comfort for style because in the end, the kitchen will be a place to work in, create meals and have friends over for social visits. Try to find the kind of decorations that will fit your taste and make your kitchen a place you will want to use over and over again.

2. Accent-uate your kitchen

Going for a country look? Add woven baskets, dried and fresh flowers and ceramic bowls overflowing with fresh vegetables and fruits. Want a modern, minimalist look? Look for racks and decors with clean lines. Want a funky look? Go for colorful and quirky vases and racks.

3. Keep your kitchen cabinets fresh

Next to the stove and other appliances, the eyes are often drawn to the kitchen cabinets. Why not include these furnishings to your kitchen decorating plans by simply changing the way they look? Paint with a new color or strip and varnish with a lighter shade or a deeper, richer color. Change the handles and knobs with new ones or add stencils for interesting accents.

4. Use the ceiling and walls

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Why not hang a rack from the ceiling to use for utensils and pots? They’re easier to reach and add interest to the room. You can also hang spices from the walls, along with dried herbs and flowers for fragrance and a warm, homey ambience.

5. Get floored

If you have the money to spend, you can create a whole new look for your kitchen by simply changing your floor. Change vinyl tiles to wooden flooring to create a warm ambience or replace with stone for a homey, old-world appeal. Choose floor colors that will work well with your design scheme and chosen color.

Use accents for the floor in the form of different colored or decorative tiles. Or simply place a new rug on the area near the stove to provide an instant accent that’s easy to clean and replace.