48 Amazing Farmhouse Entryway Mudroom Design Ideas

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Antique collectors know exactly where to look for and purchase an antique console or farmhouse table. The internet has made it possible for the average consumer to also benefit from purchasing a durable and elegant piece of antique furniture. If you have purchased other antique pieces of furniture before then you may know a little bit about the markings made by furniture makers in the past.

The markings represent either the craftsman or the company that created the piece of furniture. Before begging your search for an antique console table or an antique farmhouse table you must first determine the style, time period, and type of table that best fits the design style that you are trying to create or add to.

Research is the most crucial step in finding and purchasing an authentic antique piece of furniture. Collectors are constantly researching and have many years of experience of looking at and buying pieces of furniture at auctions or estate sales. Since you probably do not have this type of experience, you must first begin by researching the type of table you are looking for. For instance, an antique console table has many uses and placements.

Most console tables are used in an entryway or at the end of a hall. The modern purpose of a console table is to fill in an empty space along a wall and provide a surface for the storage of items or to display decorative items. Historically, console tables where used for the placement of candle holders so homeowners and visitors could find their way around a home in the night time hours.

An antique farmhouse table was typically located in a large kitchen which functioned as the main gathering place for a farming family. Unlike today, the tables were designed to be practical and sturdy instead of decorative. The table likely contained enough seating for everyone in the family and for guests as well. The seating arrangement was likely a mixture of chairs and benches to accommodate even more people. The tables and seating were always made of the most durable type of wood around at that time.

The material needed to be strong enough to withstand frequent use including all three daily meals and preparations for meals. The table also served as a meeting place for the adults of the family and a place for children to do school work since most farm children were home schooled in the evening because they also took part in farm duties during the day.

If you know the time period in which the piece of furniture was made then you may want to start by researching the different furniture makers of that time. Look for the style and type that you prefer and make note of the markings made by the company or craftsman. Use this as a guide for shopping at antique stores, flea markets, or garage sales.

You can also shop on the internet but you must be very careful and choosy especially if you are making a large purchase. Determining the authenticity of an antique console or farmhouse table is much easier in person. Nonetheless, you should always be careful if you have never shopped for antiques before. There are many treasures out there, when you know what you are looking for, finding it becomes that much easier.


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