48 Awesome Modern Spring Decorating Ideas

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The most traditional style for spring weddings is very feminine, full of lace, pastel colors, and fluffy flowers. If that does not appeal to your sense of style, you may well find yourself wondering if it is possible to plan a chic spring wedding without all the ruffles and pastels. The answer is yes; these are some fantastic options for clean and modern spring wedding design.

A black and white theme looks fresh and contemporary for a spring wedding. Start with one of Vera Wang’s modern deconstructed white organza bridal gowns with black ribbon accents (or something similar in whatever your price range happens to be).

Accessorize the wedding dress with jet crystal bridal jewelry, or with custom white pearl and black crystal bridal jewelry. Instead of a tiara, wear a cluster of black and white feathers in your hair and a long plain veil.

For the decorations for a black and white spring wedding, white anemones with black centers are the perfect wedding flowers. They make a very striking bouquet when simply tied with a black and white striped ribbon. If you want to soften the black and white palette a little bit, have your centerpieces created from a mixture of white and pink anemone blossoms, all with the distinctive black centers.

Tulips are one of the most popular flowers for spring weddings, and they can be used very effectively in an updated style. For a clean and contemporary use of the spring classic, use a bunch of tulips in a submerged flower centerpiece. Simply take a bunch of tulips in your favorite color and plunge them underwater in a very tall clear cylinder. Bold colors like hot pink or red will yield the most dramatic results.

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An Asian inspired theme can work very well for a modern wedding design. Select a wedding gown with an origami flair created from a crisp fabric like silk gazar or mikado. A strapless or one shoulder dress with a column silhouette accented with modern folding and pleating is both contemporary and unique.

You can combine an East-meets-West theme beautifully with the spring season by using cherry blossoms as your central motif. Both an iconic spring bloom and a very important flower in Asian cultures, the graceful lines of the dark cherry branches surrounded by the ethereal pale pink clouds of blossoms are simply exquisite. Use cherry blossom branches to create striking architectural centerpieces and as the motif on your wedding cake.

A final idea for a modern spring wedding is to use a spring color with a modern twist. Why not be bold and wear a wedding gown in a pale lettuce green like Vera Wang’s frothy concoction? It is light and springy in color, yet the idea of a non-white wedding gown is as modern as it gets. Pair the colored wedding dress with bridesmaid dresses in a pale cashmere white shade of chiffon for a bridal party that will be very gracious, yet completely updated.