43 Cute Shabby Chic Valentines Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Cute Shabby Chic Valentines Decoration Ideas For Your Home 40

Valentine’s Day is considered the second most shopped for holiday of the year and Christmas is the first. If you make soaps and candles, you are looking for ways to create an air of love and romance with your products.

You can easily create romantic soaps and candles with Valentine molds. Don’t miss out on treating your customers to one of a kind Valentine’s Day soaps and candles.

When you think of Valentine mold styles, you think of hearts, hearts, and more heart molds. Your soaps and candles don’t have to have a heart shape. You can also find chocolate kisses molds, candy bar silicone molds, cupcake silicone molds, nut molds (with the meaning I am nuts about you), grubby heart cake silicone molds, strawberry molds (chocolate covered strawberries) that work well for this romantic occasion.

Where To Find Valentine Molds:

You can find some Valentine molds in any home store like Walmart and Target. They are located in your bake ware section and the bake ware silicone molds work perfectly for making heart shaped cupcakes, bath bombs, candles, tarts and even soaps. If you use the silicone bake ware cupcake trays, you will have to decorate to top of the cupcake to your liking. What is great about these Valentine molds are that they are reasonably priced.

If you are looking for unique Valentine silicone molds, the Internet is the place to find primitive heart molds, already decorated Valentine cookies, grubby Valentine cakes, and chocolate kisses molds. You can find on the Internet a wider variety of Valentine mold designs that are hand sculpted and give a primitive, shabby chic or country feel.

Other ways To create Valentine Molds If Your Budget Is Tight:

  • Make a sand heart candle
  • Etch hearts and kisses into candles and pillars
  • Use Valentine’s Day cookie cutters

Using the Internet, visiting a department store or making them yourself are some ways to find Valentine silicone molds. Whatever way you decide to add hearts, kisses, love and romance into your candles and soaps, you still create the perfect present for you customer’s spouse.


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