46 Totally Adorable Wreath Ideas for Valentines Day

The winter months are not as jam-packed with weddings as the summertime, but there are still plenty of couples who prefer this more mellow time of year to get married. When you are planning a February wedding, you will want to design an event that is warm and inviting. There are a few things to keep in mind when designing your wedding…

First of all, February does not have to mean Valentine’s Day. Although it is the most popular date of the month for weddings, it can be a bit too cliché for some couples. Even if you are having a Valentine’s Day wedding, there are things that you can do to avoid going overboard with the theme.

For instance, there is no rule that a Valentine’s wedding must involve hearts, red roses, and cupids. In fact, it would be refreshing to stay away from these obvious themes for the day, and pick details that are closer to your heart. That is the way to avoid falling into the cliché trap.

Red is a color that is associated with Valentine’s Day, and therefore February weddings. Kind of like the hearts and cupids, red for a February wedding can feel rather unoriginal. This is not to say that you shouldn’t use red at all in your wedding design, if it is a color that appeals to you. Just keep it in moderation, and mix it with colors beyond white.

One way to use red is to tone it down with brown. The effect is very rich and sophisticated, making it perfect for an elegant evening winter wedding. You can have your bridesmaids dress in brown dresses, accented by rich red sashes and garnet colored crystal bridesmaid jewelry. For a rich alternative to red, you could consider using deep purple accents with the brown palette. Amethyst is the February birthstone, and regal purple crystals would make beautiful bridesmaid jewelry for your attendants.

For a late winter wedding, it is nice to warm it up with your color palette, which is why red is so popular, besides its associations with Valentine’s Day. But there is nothing to say that you cannot choose a different warm color scheme for your wedding. I once attended a February wedding that was decorated with gorgeous terracotta roses.

The warm deep coral color of the roses was echoed in the gold and coral embroidered organza tablecloths, which gave the reception a warm and inviting glow. Instead of the typical floral centerpieces, the bride chose to use hurricane lanterns on the tables, surrounded by a wreath of the terracotta roses. It was both beautiful and original.

Another thing that should be warm for a winter wedding is the bride’s attire. Although stark white may work for some women, most pale winter complexions are going to look better with softer colors such as ivory, cream, or even champagne. If you are normally fair skinned in the wintertime, please do not hit the tanning booth!

It will look totally unnatural for the season, and besides, it is always embarrassing to have someone inquire which tropical island you recently visited, only to have to answer, “Joe’s Tanning Shack”.

Winter can be a lovely time of year to have a wedding. It tends to be a quieter season, which means that most of your guests should be able to attend. Also, in the midst of a long winter, everyone will be thrilled to have your wedding to look forward to.


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