42 Totally Inspiring Winter Door Decoration Ideas

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The Christmas season is a fun having season and the door is the first thing that people see when they visit your home; therefore, you should decorate it appropriately. If you are stuck on how to decorate your door, here are tips on how to go about it:

Be simple

You don’t have to go for complex designs for your door to be beautiful. A pretty wreath is enough to give the door a great look. When shopping, you should go for a wreath with ornaments on it, or flowers that are associated with the holiday season. Great flowers to go with during this season are: rhododendron and poinsettia.

For the front door, you should go for a simple Christmas-themed wrapper. The wrapper will not only give a great look to your door, but it will also add color to your d├ęcor. For a complete look, you should purchase a red or green doormat and glue Christmas related objects on them.

You should ensure that the objects you place on the doormat are flat and won’t get damaged when walked on.

Be inspired by nature

There are many ideas that you can get from nature. For example, you can use fresh winter foliage and it will give your home a perfect Christmas touch. Here you need to hang evergreen garland along the edges of the door. You can also hang the garland on the door itself or around the frame.

To beautify the garland, you can incorporate ornaments on it. Great ornaments that you can incorporate are: artificial flowers and fruits

Other than garland, you can also place potted poinsettias along the side of the door and you will have a great Christmas vibe. You can also place Christmas trees on either side of the door. You can leave the trees naked or you can decorate them with bows, lights, or ornaments.

Consider Christmas stand-bys

Here you can cutout and tape a cardboard snowman on your door. For a great look you should paint the snowman with markers and glue on some objects that will serve as eyes, nose, and mouth.

You can also consider hanging miniature lights around the door and arrange them in a pattern. Another idea is to draw Santa Claus or a nativity scene and tape it on your door.


These are some of the Christmas door decoration ideas that you can put in practice. To get the results that you want, you should ensure that the decorations are done by an expert.


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