41 Cozy Winter Wonderland Decoration Ideas

Cozy Winter Wonderland Decoration Ideas 39

A ‘winter wonderland’ does not just apply to Holiday themed decor. If you’re getting married in the winter, this is also as good a theme as any to choose for your winter wedding decoration.

However, unlike spring, summer and fall weddings, saying your “I do’s” in the coldest months of the year does not offer you a lot of variations in terms of color schemes for your wedding. But you can take your pick from white, silver, light jewel tones and blue – and perhaps your favorite color as an accent hue.

But the limitations that you have for the wedding color scheme should not deter you from creating a dreamy winter wedding decoration.

The hues associated with the winter season are stylish, elegant, dreamy and sparkly – so you’ll definitely have a fun time creating ‘sparkly’ decorations for your winter wedding!

A Host of Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas Just for You!

Now that you have an idea about the colors that you can use for your winter wedding decoration, here are some more specific ideas that you can borrow:

What better way is there to inform your guests of your wedding theme than by starting with the wedding invitations? Distribute pure white invitations with a snowflake emblem printed on it. Gold or silver stars, a winter wonderland scene as a background – these all make for an elegant design on your winter wedding invitations.

You can create these trees yourself or purchase pre-lighted trees which you can use to line up the wedding reception area.

If you want to make the trees yourself, all you need to do is get a silver bucket filled with sand or gravel. Then, gather some tree branches which you can spray paint in white. Use silver and gold spray paint sparingly as accents, then ‘plant’ them on the silver bucket.

Add some white fairy lights and you have some gorgeous trees that you can use as accents to your wedding reception d├ęcor.

Use white tablecloths for the tables at the reception area. When you combine these with the white plates and silver cutleries, they will all meld to go with the winter wedding decoration theme.

For the centerpieces and table accents, you can use gold and silver confetti or glittery snowflake ornaments which can be scattered on the tables. An all-white floral arrangement decorated with acrylic diamonds or ice drop crystals make for a gorgeous centerpiece for the tables.

Project an air of warmth for your winter wedding decoration by using some faux fur as accents. For example, you can purchase a faux mink ring pillow on the wedding reception to hold your wedding rings.

Instead of a green floral tape, you can ask the florist to use a piece of faux fur as the base of your bridal bouquet. If you don’t like using faux fur, you can substitute it with an intricate piece of lace cloth instead.

The impression of a snowflake on a branch usually reminds people of tiny pieces of diamonds clinging to a piece of wood. You can recreate this look on your wedding by using acrylic crystal diamond pieces and gluing them to tree branches which are painted in white or silver. Use these pieces to add a flair of glitter and style to your wedding reception decorations.

Take your pick from any of these winter wedding decoration tips and allow a fairytale, dreamlike feel to permeate the air on one of the most important days of your life: your wedding.


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