36 Cool Blue Bathroom Design Ideas

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Vintage blue bathroom fixtures create a more classic and relaxing vibe to the Victorian era bathroom that we adore. Normally, people stick to the traditional white color in designing their vintage bathroom – that was before.

Now, homeowners are more adventurous and confident in their choice of bathroom colors. So, if you like vintage blue bathroom fixtures, you should trust your instincts and make things happen.

It’s not a surprising fact that many people are still big fans of the classic period-styled bathrooms. Who could ever resist the sophisticated and clean design finish that vintage bathroom fixtures give? Almost no one, I bet.

Because the antique type is pretty hard to find, sellers of replicas or refurbished antique fixtures offer these at higher prices – you could always find great deals over the internet, though.

When remodeling your bathroom in the classic era, you should naturally purchase fixtures that mirror the classic period designs. You could start by focusing on the bath tub that you want. Vintage bath tubs are available in different models and finishes. For the design, you could choose between a claw foot tub and pedestal tub. These could be available in different finishes like cast iron, copper, steel with porcelain coating, and acrylic.

If you’re tired of the usual claw foot tub, the pedestal tub is a good alternative. This has an elevated front portion that slopes down at the middle or it could also have parallel level edges. Unlike the claw foot tub, this doesn’t have any feet, but a wooden oval-shaped base as a support.

It also doesn’t have any faucet drilling that allows water level to be deeper – you use freestanding or wall-mounted faucets for pedestal tubs.

Today, there are only a limited number of manufacturers that produce pedestal tubs, such as Kohler and Aquatic Whirlpools. You can’t really expect much variety of colors in the vintage pedestal tubs – these are mostly available in white color finishes.

But, there are other types that you can repaint so that it will match your color theme. And the more modern versions of a pedestal bath are now produced in different colors and styles.

Of course, bath fixtures are not the only elements of a vintage-inspired bathroom. The floor tiles could be made from different materials like marble or porcelain (tiles with three-colored combinations are also be considered). When it comes to your walls, you have the option of using paint, tiles, or wallpapers.

Make sure that the color you use has a classic hint of the vintage era – any shades of blue, mint green, or black. The lighting fixtures found in Victorian houses normally incorporate frosted glass and chrome into the design.


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