37 Cozy Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas

37 Cozy Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas 22

Rustic bedroom furniture is perfect for a log home, a fishing cabin, a mountain lodge or any home that longs for the character and personality of nature. Of course a piece of furniture that celebrates the great outdoors is perfect for a mountain or lake home. It is in these settings that one escapes the concrete and high rises of the corporate grind to enjoy the finer things in life.

Decorating the cabin, log home or lodge in natural and rustic furniture is a way to take the wildness of nature and bring it indoors. The bedroom is a great place to begin with rustic decor as you explore the many options in rustic furniture.

Log BedsThere are several styles of rustic bedroom furniture. Possibly the most distinctive is a log bed. These are often made with large logs that are an unmistakable monument to the strength and grandeur of nature. No one needs the support of large logs for sleeping but a log bed makes a statement that nature is highly regarded in this home.

Sometimes a log bed has twisted and rugged wood composing the head and foot boards. Other times the logs are straight and stately. Individual preference and taste can be satisfied regardless as there are many different styles to choose from. Of course since this is truly a natural product, no two beds are identical. The pattern of rustic bedding that one chooses to put on the bed should compliment the choice of logs.

Iron Furniture

Another kind of rustic bed is formed of iron. While this is less a celebration of nature than it is of the determination and strength of the human spirit, it is a form of rustic bedroom furniture. Iron beds may be very simple or they may have an intricate design born from masterful iron working.

Like the log bed, the iron bed personifies strength and tenacity while it may also regale artistic beauty of intricacy. Often Iron is combined with wood for form a stately combination of rustic wood and iron work. Many styles of rustic bedding can be found to compliment the iron bed as well.

Twig Furniture

Less a statement of strength is a twig bed. A twig bed is formed of branches that typically have more shape to them and are smaller than the typical trunks of a log bed. The twig bed is a tribute to the wildness of nature and the unpredictability that is experienced in nature.

The twig bed takes a step further into nature and handles manageable pieces of wood, artistically creating a structure that will cradle a human being while sleeping. The twig bed is more for the adventurous spirit.

Barnwood Furniture

Though there are other styles including finished hardwoods, cedar frames and beds accentuated with bark and leather, the last style we will look at in this article is the barnwood bed. Again this type of rustic bedroom furniture including dressers and chest of drawers may come in many forms but it, like the log bed and the iron bed, is a tribute to enduring tenacity.

This furniture is made of wood that has stood the test of time and weather. Barnwood has a rustic feel because it has endured over time. It has stood through searing sun, blinding blizzards, and whipping winds. In a sense, this wood has been through the storms and is now honored in retirement inside a home of someone who appreciates the trials this wood has seen.

A barnwood bed is like an old friend with wisdom and grace tried by experience that personifies steadfast dependability.

Overall, each type of rustic bedroom furniture has its own character and personality. If it were possible, each would have a unique story to tell. Looking carefully at the furniture you may be able to observe little bits of that story from the character of the woods and metals.

Rustic bedroom furniture is a great way to pay tribute to the beautiful world outdoors and a way to bring nature home. Of course a carefully chosen ensemble of rustic bedding will compliment and bring out the personality of the furniture.

A patterned ensemble can enhance a simple furniture design while a simple pattern of bedding will nicely compliment a more complex furniture design. All in all a rustic bedroom decor will be a retreat to extend your love of nature even into the deepest corners of your home.


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