What Not To Plant Near Cucumbers

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What Not to Plant Near Cucumbers


In this article, we will discuss what plants should not be planted near cucumbers. Cucumbers are a popular vegetable in home gardens, but they can be sensitive to certain plants. By avoiding planting incompatible plants near your cucumbers, you can ensure healthy growth and avoid potential issues.

Why is it Important?

Planting the wrong plants near cucumbers can have negative effects on their growth and overall health. Some plants may compete for nutrients and water, while others may attract pests or diseases that can harm cucumbers. By being mindful of what to avoid, you can create a more favorable environment for your cucumbers to thrive.

What to Avoid

1. Aromatic Herbs

Avoid planting aromatic herbs, such as sage, dill, and mint, near cucumbers. These herbs can attract pests like aphids and cucumber beetles, which can damage the cucumber plants.

2. Potatoes

Avoid planting potatoes near cucumbers as they can compete for nutrients. Both plants require a lot of nutrients, and planting them together may result in stunted growth and reduced yields.

3. Melons

Avoid planting melons, including watermelons and cantaloupes, near cucumbers. These plants are from the same family (Cucurbitaceae) and are prone to similar diseases. Planting them together increases the risk of spreading diseases and pests.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes and cucumbers have different growth habits and nutrient requirements. Planting them together can lead to overcrowding and competition for resources. Additionally, tomatoes can attract pests like tomato hornworms, which can also harm cucumbers.

5. Pumpkins and Squash

Similar to melons, pumpkins and squash belong to the same plant family as cucumbers. Planting them together can increase the likelihood of diseases and pests affecting all plants. It’s best to keep them separate to avoid any potential issues.

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What to Plant Near Cucumbers

While there are plants to avoid, there are also plants that can benefit cucumbers. Some suitable companion plants for cucumbers include radishes, lettuce, and beans. These plants can help deter pests, provide shade, and enhance the overall health of the cucumber plants.


By being mindful of what not to plant near cucumbers, you can create a more favorable growing environment for your cucumbers. Avoiding plants that attract pests, compete for nutrients, or are prone to similar diseases will help ensure the success and health of your cucumber plants. Consider planting compatible companion plants to further enhance the growth and productivity of your cucumber patch.