Best Diy Christmas Garlands For 2023

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3 Inexpensive Christmas Garlands You Can Make Yourself DIY Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to decorate your home than with beautiful DIY Christmas garlands? Whether you’re a crafty person or not, creating your own garlands can be a fun and rewarding activity during the holiday season. In this article, we will explore the best DIY Christmas garlands for 2023 that you can make at home.

1. Pom Pom Garland

If you’re looking for a festive and colorful garland, a pom pom garland is a perfect choice. All you need is some yarn, a pompom maker, and a string. Make pom poms in different colors and sizes, and then thread them onto the string. Hang it on your fireplace or wrap it around the Christmas tree for a playful touch.

2. Felt Leaf Garland

For a rustic and nature-inspired garland, a felt leaf garland is a great option. Cut out leaf shapes from different colored felt and sew or glue them onto a string. You can add some beads or bells in between the leaves for extra charm. Hang it on your mantel or staircase for a cozy Christmas vibe.

3. Paper Snowflake Garland

Bring the beauty of winter indoors with a paper snowflake garland. Cut out different sizes and shapes of snowflakes from white paper and attach them to a string. Hang it in front of a window or across a wall for a whimsical and magical look.

4. Cinnamon Stick Garland

Add a delightful scent to your home with a cinnamon stick garland. Simply thread cinnamon sticks onto a string using a needle. You can alternate the cinnamon sticks with dried orange slices or pinecones for a more festive touch. Hang it in your kitchen or living room for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

5. Tassel Garland

A tassel garland is a trendy and versatile option for Christmas decor. You can make tassels using yarn, ribbon, or even tissue paper. Choose colors that match your holiday theme and attach them to a string. Hang it above your doorway or along a staircase for a chic and festive look.

6. Popcorn Garland

For a classic and nostalgic garland, a popcorn garland is a timeless choice. Pop some popcorn and thread it onto a string using a needle. You can add cranberries or dried fruit in between the popcorn for a pop of color. Hang it on your Christmas tree or wrap it around your banister for a traditional touch.

7. Peppermint Candy Garland

Add a sweet touch to your holiday decor with a peppermint candy garland. Buy or make peppermint candies with a hole in the center and thread them onto a string. Hang it on your fireplace or drape it across your windows for a festive and tasty decoration.

8. Pinecone Garland

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with a pinecone garland. Collect pinecones from your backyard or buy them from a craft store. Attach them to a string using hot glue or wire. You can spray paint them in metallic colors or add some glitter for a glamorous look. Hang it on your front door or above your fireplace for a rustic and elegant touch.

9. Ribbon Garland

For an easy and customizable garland, a ribbon garland is a perfect choice. Choose different patterns and colors of ribbons and tie them onto a string. You can add bows or hang ornaments in between the ribbons for a festive look. Hang it on your staircase or across your windows for a cheerful and vibrant decoration.


Creating your own DIY Christmas garlands is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your holiday decor. Whether you prefer a whimsical pom pom garland or a rustic pinecone garland, there are endless possibilities to explore. Get creative and have fun with your garland-making projects this Christmas season!

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