Halloween Crafts For Kids: Fun And Spooky Ideas For 2023

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Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by engaging your little ones in some fun and spooky crafts? This year, we have compiled a list of exciting and age-appropriate Halloween craft ideas that your kids will love. Whether it’s making cute pumpkins or creating creepy spiders, these crafts are sure to keep your children entertained and excited for the spookiest night of the year.

1. Paper Plate Pumpkins

One of the easiest and most enjoyable Halloween crafts for kids is making paper plate pumpkins. All you need are some orange paper plates, green construction paper for the stem, and black markers to draw the faces. Let your little ones get creative by adding their own unique twist to each pumpkin. Hang them up as decorations or use them as masks for a fun Halloween party!

2. Spooky Spider Webs

Create creepy spider webs using white yarn and black pipe cleaners. Begin by making a small cross shape with the pipe cleaners and then wrap the yarn around it to form a web-like pattern. Let your kids attach plastic spiders to complete the spooky effect. These spider webs can be hung on walls or used as table decorations for a haunted house-themed party.

3. Ghostly Handprints

Capture the essence of Halloween by creating ghostly handprints. All you need is some white paint, black construction paper, and your child’s hand. Dip their hand in the paint and then press it onto the paper. Once dry, use black markers to add eyes and a mouth to transform the handprint into a cute ghost. Hang them up or use them as invitations for a Halloween gathering.

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4. Monster Pencil Toppers

Add a touch of spookiness to your child’s school supplies by creating monster pencil toppers. Collect colorful craft pompoms, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. Encourage your little ones to glue the pompoms together to form unique monsters. Then, attach googly eyes and pipe cleaners for arms and legs. These pencil toppers will make writing assignments a lot more fun!

5. Jack-o’-Lantern Lanterns

Turn ordinary jars into adorable jack-o’-lantern lanterns. Paint the jars orange and let your kids draw spooky faces on them using black markers. Place battery-operated tea lights inside the jars to create a soft glow. These lanterns can be used as centerpieces for your Halloween dinner table or to light up your porch on trick-or-treating night.

6. Mummy Mason Jars

Transform empty mason jars into cute mummy decorations. Wrap the jars with white tissue paper or gauze and secure them with glue. Add googly eyes to give the mummies some personality. These spooky jars can be used to hold candy or as candle holders for an eerie ambiance.

7. Witch Hat Treat Holders

Get ready for Halloween treats by making witch hat treat holders. Cut out cone shapes from black construction paper and glue them onto small paper plates. Let your kids decorate the hats with glitter, stickers, or ribbons. These treat holders can hold candies or small toys, making them perfect for Halloween party favors or surprise gifts for friends.

8. Bat Silhouette Art

Create striking bat silhouette art using black construction paper and white paint. Help your kids cut out bat shapes from the paper and then let them paint the background with white paint. Once the paint has dried, stick the bat silhouettes onto the painted surface. Frame the artwork or hang it up to add a touch of Halloween to your home decor.

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9. Candy Corn Garland

Make a festive candy corn garland by cutting out triangles from colored paper in yellow, orange, and white. String the triangles together to create a colorful garland. Hang it up as a decoration or use it to add a festive touch to your Halloween party. You can also let your kids personalize the garland by drawing faces on the candy corn triangles.


These Halloween crafts for kids are not only enjoyable but also provide an opportunity for your little ones to develop their creativity and fine motor skills. From pumpkins and ghosts to bats and witches, these crafts encompass the spooky spirit of Halloween. So get out your art supplies, gather your kids, and have a blast creating these fun and festive decorations!