Types Of Sausage Casings In 2023

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Types of Sausage Casings in 2023


When it comes to making sausages, choosing the right casing is crucial. It not only affects the appearance of the sausage but also plays a significant role in its taste and texture. In this article, we will explore the different types of sausage casings available in 2023.

Natural Casings

Hog Casings

Hog casings are the most commonly used natural casings for sausages. They are made from the intestines of pigs and are known for their excellent strength and flexibility. Hog casings are ideal for making traditional sausages like bratwurst and Italian sausages.

Sheep Casings

Sheep casings are smaller in diameter compared to hog casings and are perfect for making smaller sausages like breakfast links and cocktail franks. They provide a delicate natural casing with a tender bite.

Beef Casings

Beef casings are larger in diameter and have a thicker texture compared to hog casings. They are commonly used for making large sausages like bologna and salami. Beef casings provide a rich and robust flavor to the sausages.

Synthetic Casings

Collagen Casings

Collagen casings are made from the collagen extracted from the hides of cattle. They are uniform in size and have a consistent diameter, making them easy to work with. Collagen casings are suitable for various types of sausages and are popular in commercial sausage production.

Fibrous Casings

Fibrous casings are made from a combination of paper and cellulose. They are strong, durable, and provide an excellent barrier against moisture and oxygen. Fibrous casings are commonly used for dry-cured sausages like pepperoni and summer sausage.

Plastic Casings

Plastic casings are made from food-grade plastic materials and are often used for cooked sausages like hot dogs and smoked sausages. They are easy to handle and provide a consistent appearance to the sausages.


Choosing the right type of sausage casing is essential for achieving the desired texture, taste, and appearance of the sausages. Whether you prefer natural casings for a traditional touch or synthetic casings for convenience, there are plenty of options available in 2023 to suit every sausage-making need.

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