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When winter arrives, many gardeners mourn the loss of colorful blooms and lush foliage. However, with the right selection of outdoor plants for winter containers, you can keep your garden vibrant even during the coldest months. In this article, we will explore some hardy plants that are perfect for winter containers and provide tips on how to care for them.

Choosing the Right Plants

When selecting plants for your winter containers, it is important to choose those that can withstand the harsh winter conditions. Look for plants that are cold hardy and can tolerate frost. Some great options include winter pansies, ornamental cabbages, and evergreen shrubs like boxwood and holly.

Winter Pansies

Winter pansies are known for their ability to bloom even in freezing temperatures. They come in a variety of colors, from vibrant purples and yellows to soft pastels. Plant them in well-draining soil and make sure to water them regularly.

Ornamental Cabbages

Ornamental cabbages are not only beautiful but also very hardy. They have unique foliage that comes in shades of pink, purple, and white. Plant them in a sunny spot and provide them with regular water and fertilizer to keep them healthy throughout the winter.

Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs like boxwood and holly are excellent choices for winter containers. They provide structure and greenery to your garden even when other plants have gone dormant. These shrubs are low-maintenance and can tolerate cold temperatures.

Caring for Winter Containers

Once you have chosen the right plants for your winter containers, it is important to take proper care of them to ensure their survival throughout the season.


Water your winter containers regularly, especially during dry spells. Even though the temperatures are colder, the plants still need moisture to thrive. Make sure the soil is moist but not waterlogged.


For optimal growth, fertilize your winter containers every month with a slow-release fertilizer. This will provide the plants with the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and vibrant.

Protecting from Frost

During particularly cold nights, it is important to protect your winter containers from frost. Cover them with a frost cloth or bring them indoors if possible. This will help prevent damage to the plants and keep them looking their best.


With the right selection of outdoor plants for winter containers and proper care, you can enjoy a beautiful and vibrant garden throughout the winter months. Choose cold hardy plants like winter pansies, ornamental cabbages, and evergreen shrubs, and remember to water, fertilize, and protect them from frost. Happy gardening!

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