Diy Winter Bird Feeder Ideas

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DIY Decorative Bird Feeders, Winter Decorating Ideas to Save Feathered

DIY Winter Bird Feeder Ideas

Why Should You Make a Winter Bird Feeder?

Winter can be a challenging time for birds to find food, especially when the ground is covered in snow. By making a DIY winter bird feeder, you can provide a much-needed food source for our feathered friends during the colder months.

What Materials Do You Need?

Creating a winter bird feeder is a fun and simple project that requires just a few materials. You will need:

– A plastic bottle or milk carton

– Scissors

– String or twine

– Birdseed

How to Make a Simple Bottle Bird Feeder

1. Start by rinsing out a plastic bottle or milk carton and allowing it to dry completely.

2. Use scissors to cut out holes on opposite sides of the bottle or carton. These holes should be large enough for birds to access the birdseed.

3. Poke a small hole near the top of the bottle or carton and thread a piece of string or twine through it. This will be used to hang the feeder.

4. Fill the bottle or carton with birdseed, making sure to leave enough space for birds to access it through the holes.

5. Hang the feeder from a tree branch or hook, ensuring it is at a height where birds can easily reach it.

Decorative Winter Bird Feeder Ideas

If you want to add a touch of creativity to your winter bird feeder, here are a few ideas:

1. Pinecone Feeder

Collect some pinecones and tie a string around the top of each one. Spread peanut butter or suet onto the pinecones, then roll them in birdseed. Hang the pinecone feeders in your yard or garden for a festive and tasty treat for the birds.

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2. Cookie Cutter Feeder

Find some large, festive-shaped cookie cutters and fill them with a mixture of birdseed, gelatin, and water. Add a string or ribbon to the mixture before it sets to create a loop for hanging. Once the mixture is firm, remove the cookie cutter and hang the bird feeder for the birds to enjoy.

3. Citrus Bird Feeder

Cut an orange or grapefruit in half and scoop out the fruit. Poke three holes near the top of the citrus halves and thread a string through them. Fill the citrus halves with birdseed and hang them up for a bright and refreshing bird feeder.

Tips for Attracting Birds to Your Feeder

Here are a few tips to help attract birds to your DIY winter bird feeder:

1. Choose the Right Location

Place your bird feeder in an area that is easily visible to birds. Ideally, it should be near trees or shrubs where birds can seek shelter.

2. Keep it Stocked

Regularly refill your bird feeder with fresh birdseed to ensure a steady food supply for the birds.

3. Offer Variety

Try using different types of birdseed to attract a variety of bird species. Black oil sunflower seeds are a popular choice.

4. Provide Water

Consider placing a bird bath or shallow dish of water near your feeder. Birds need water for drinking and bathing, especially during the winter when natural water sources may be frozen.

5. Be Patient

It may take some time for birds to discover your feeder. Be patient and continue to provide a welcoming environment for them.

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By following these DIY winter bird feeder ideas and tips, you can create a welcoming space for birds during the colder months. Enjoy the beauty and joy of watching these feathered friends visit your backyard!