How To Keep Deer From Eating Your Perennials

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How to Keep Deer from Eating Your Perennials

Why Do Deer Eat Perennials?

Deer are herbivores and perennials are often a tasty treat for them. They have a particular fondness for plants with tender leaves and flowers, which unfortunately includes many types of perennials. Deer can cause significant damage to your garden, leaving you frustrated and looking for ways to protect your beloved plants.

What Are the Signs of Deer Damage?

If you suspect deer are snacking on your perennials, there are a few telltale signs to look out for. One common sign is chewed or missing leaves and flowers. You may also notice trampled areas around your garden or hoof prints in the soil. Additionally, deer droppings may be present in the vicinity of the damaged plants.

How Can I Deter Deer from Eating My Perennials?

1. Fence Your Garden

One of the most effective ways to keep deer away from your perennials is to install a sturdy fence around your garden. The fence should be at least 8 feet tall to prevent deer from jumping over it. Make sure the fence is buried at least 12 inches deep to deter deer from digging underneath.

2. Use Deer-Resistant Plants

Another strategy is to choose perennials that deer are less likely to eat. While no plant is completely deer-proof, there are some varieties that deer tend to avoid. Examples include lavender, yarrow, and daffodils. Do some research to find out which plants are considered deer-resistant in your region.

3. Apply Deer Repellents

There are various deer repellents available on the market, including sprays and granules. These products contain substances that deer find unpleasant, such as garlic or rotten eggs. Follow the instructions on the packaging to apply the repellent to your perennials. Be sure to reapply after rain or heavy watering.

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4. Create Distractions

Another tactic is to provide deer with alternative food sources to distract them from your perennials. Planting deer-friendly plants like clover or alfalfa in a different area of your yard can help keep the deer occupied and away from your prized perennials.

5. Try Motion-Activated Devices

Motion-activated devices, such as sprinklers or ultrasonic repellents, can startle deer and discourage them from entering your garden. These devices work by detecting the movement of the deer and emitting a noise or spraying water to scare them away.

6. Maintain a Dog Presence

Deer are naturally wary of dogs. Allowing your dog to roam freely in your yard or installing a motion-activated barking dog alarm can help deter deer from approaching your perennials.


Protecting your perennials from deer may require a combination of strategies. Fencing, deer-resistant plants, repellents, distractions, motion-activated devices, and maintaining a dog presence can all contribute to a deer-free garden. Experiment with different methods to find the ones that work best for your specific situation. With some persistence and creativity, you can enjoy your beautiful perennials without worrying about deer munching on them.