Snow Shovel Vs Snow Pusher: Which One Is Right For You?

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When the snow starts piling up outside, it’s time to grab a shovel or a pusher to clear your driveway and walkways. But which one should you choose? In this article, we’ll compare snow shovels and snow pushers to help you decide which one is right for you.

What is a Snow Shovel?

A snow shovel is a traditional tool used for manually removing snow. It consists of a long handle attached to a wide, flat blade. Snow shovels are designed for lifting and throwing snow, making them ideal for smaller areas and lighter snowfalls.

What is a Snow Pusher?

A snow pusher, on the other hand, is a larger tool with a wide, curved blade attached to a handle. Instead of lifting and throwing snow, a snow pusher is designed to push snow out of the way. It’s more efficient for clearing larger areas and heavier snowfalls.

Pros and Cons of Snow Shovels


– Snow shovels are lighter and easier to maneuver.

– They are more versatile and can be used for other tasks, such as spreading salt or moving dirt.

– Snow shovels are generally more affordable than snow pushers.


– Shoveling can be more physically demanding and may cause strain or injury.

– They are less efficient for clearing large areas or heavy snowfalls.

Pros and Cons of Snow Pushers


– Snow pushers are more efficient for clearing large areas and heavy snowfalls.

– They require less physical effort, as you don’t have to lift and throw snow.

– The curved blade of a snow pusher helps prevent snow from spilling over the sides.

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– Snow pushers are larger and may be more difficult to store in small spaces.

– They are generally more expensive than snow shovels.

Which One Should You Choose?

The choice between a snow shovel and a snow pusher depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you have a smaller area to clear and don’t mind the physical exertion, a snow shovel may be sufficient. On the other hand, if you have a larger area or heavy snowfalls, a snow pusher would be more efficient and easier on your body.

Tips for Using a Snow Shovel or Snow Pusher

– Always warm up and stretch before shoveling to prevent injuries.

– Use your legs, not your back, to lift and throw snow.

– Take breaks and pace yourself to avoid overexertion.

– Clear snow as soon as possible to prevent it from compacting and becoming harder to remove.

– Consider investing in a snow shovel or pusher with an ergonomic handle for added comfort.


Both snow shovels and snow pushers have their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your personal preferences, the size of the area you need to clear, and the amount of snowfall you typically get. Regardless of which tool you choose, always prioritize your safety and take breaks when needed. Stay warm and stay safe!