Cheap And Easy Coastal Diy Home Decor Ideas

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Cheap and Easy Coastal DIY Home Decor Ideas


Are you looking to give your home a fresh and coastal vibe without breaking the bank? Look no further! In this article, we will share some cheap and easy DIY home decor ideas that will transform your space into a coastal paradise. Whether you live near the beach or not, these ideas will bring the relaxing and tranquil atmosphere of the coast right into your home.

1. Seashell Wall Art

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to add a coastal touch to your home is by creating seashell wall art. Collect seashells from your beach trips or purchase them from a local store. Arrange them in a pattern or create a shape on a canvas or a wooden board. Use hot glue to secure them in place, and voila! You have a beautiful piece of coastal art to hang on your wall.

2. Rope Shelves

Add a nautical touch to your home by creating rope shelves. All you need is a wooden board and some thick rope. Cut the rope into desired lengths and attach them to the board by drilling holes and tying knots. Hang the shelves on your wall and use them to display your favorite coastal decor items or books.

3. Driftwood Mirror

Bring the beauty of the beach into your home by creating a driftwood mirror. Collect driftwood pieces of various sizes and shapes. Clean them thoroughly and let them dry. Arrange the driftwood pieces around a plain mirror frame, using hot glue or a strong adhesive to secure them. Hang your driftwood mirror in any room to add a coastal and rustic touch.

4. Beach-inspired Candle Holders

Create a cozy and coastal ambiance in your home by making beach-inspired candle holders. Collect glass jars of different sizes and shapes. Apply a layer of glue on the outer surface of the jars and roll them in sand or crushed seashells. Let them dry completely before placing a candle inside. Light up the candles and enjoy the warm and beachy glow.

5. Coastal Pillow Covers

Refresh your living room or bedroom with coastal-themed pillow covers. Look for inexpensive plain pillow covers and use fabric paint or stencils to create coastal patterns, such as seashells, starfish, or waves. Alternatively, you can also find pre-made coastal-themed pillow covers online or at local stores for an affordable price.

6. Beachy Mason Jars

Transform ordinary mason jars into beachy decor pieces. Paint the jars in shades of blue or white, or apply a layer of glue and roll them in sand. Use the jars as vases for seashells or flowers, or insert a candle for a cozy coastal ambiance.

7. Coastal Gallery Wall

Create a stunning coastal gallery wall by displaying a collection of beach-themed photographs, artwork, and quotes. Look for printable coastal art online or use your own beach vacation photos. Mix and match frames in different sizes and colors to add visual interest. Arrange the frames on a wall, and you’ll have a focal point that captures the essence of the coast.

8. DIY Rope Coasters

Add a touch of coastal charm to your coffee table with DIY rope coasters. Cut thick rope into small, coaster-sized circles. Secure the rope by gluing it onto a round piece of felt or cork. Make a set of these coasters and protect your furniture while adding a rustic coastal element to your living space.

9. Seashell Wind Chimes

Create a soothing coastal sound in your home with seashell wind chimes. Collect different sizes and shapes of seashells and drill small holes near the tops. Thread fishing line or twine through the holes and tie knots to secure the shells. Attach the other end of the fishing line or twine to a wooden hoop or branch. Hang your seashell wind chimes near an open window or on your porch, and let the gentle coastal breeze create a calming melody.


With these cheap and easy coastal DIY home decor ideas, you can transform your space into a coastal oasis without spending a fortune. From seashell wall art to driftwood mirrors, these projects will bring the serene and beachy atmosphere into your home. Get creative and have fun while adding a touch of the coast to your living space!

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