41 Stunning Front Yard Walkway Landscaping Design Ideas

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Landscape design is simple once you are used to it. Now we will explore a few of these designs and you will be developing and implementing your own ideas that utilize your talents in the field of landscaping.

From the trellis and arbor, walkways and garden lighting, you want your yard to look like you had fun creating it. This can be done by creating comforting and unique surroundings and other enchanting sights. Think about creating a small garden in part of your front yard with a small pool or fountain.

Create the illusion of a larger yard, and making your yard look bigger than it really is can be fairly simple by manipulating the curves of your walkway. Make the curves of the walkway from the front of the house through the yard and then back to the sidewalk. It’s a great trick for those who have a small front yard.

The plants you will be using are Blue Slavia, Coreopsis, finally trimming the front area with Youpon Holly. Your new small pond is made by using natural stone and the remainder of the semi-paved area will use crushed stone.

A popular choice for a garden is a Mediterranean garden design. For this you will need to find plants that reflect this particular theme. Start with the front yard, created with a center walkway with natural stone. It is a very comforting, cozy, and clean look. Another added benefit is it also makes it easier for others to find your front door.

The next step is plant installation. Surround the walkway with Blue Salvia, Heliopsis, Russian Olive Trees, Pink Verbena, Feather Reed Grass, Lamb’s Ear, Mediterranean Palm and Rosemary. Make sure to check the climate requirements for the plants as they will not thrive in areas with cold or dry climates.

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Choosing plants that thrive in your climate is an important part of the process. Failure to do so could mean your plants look less than favorable and also put an unnecessary dent in your bank account.

The theme of this article is to let your imagination guide you. If you truly let your creative side rule the decision making process you will find it can be a fun and rewarding experience. Who knows, you might just find yourself a new hobby!

From large gardens to Mediterranean designs, you can always find ideas from the work of others. If you like want to be original, sketching designs that come mind will allow you to see how you can build and renovate your yard to be your perfect design.