40 Adorable Wooden Privacy Fence Patio Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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As an alternative to a wooden fence, why not consider a bamboo privacy fence? They are an affordable and attractive alternative to a traditional wooden fence. Create a unique, rustic atmosphere for your garden or a secluded retreat for your patio.

For the environmentally conscious, bamboo privacy fences are a great alternative to wood. Because bamboo is really a grass rather than a kind of wood, it takes far less time to mature and then to be replenished. So, bamboo is considered to be a renewable resource.

So by using bamboo fencing panels, instead of wood you are actually helping to save trees. And the plantations where bamboo is grown help absorb carbon monoxide from the earth’s atmosphere.

There are other advantages to using bamboo. For one thing it is very strong. For another, it is quite durable. Bamboo can withstand harsh weather conditions and strong winds. If bamboo fencing is installed above ground level, it can last up to twenty years. Any natural product will show wear and tear in time. Bamboo isn’t any different. However it is possible to slow down deterioration by treating bamboo fencing just as you would a wooden fence.

Bamboo is available in a variety of distinct designs and patterns. It’s not difficult to create a striking yet fully functional bamboo privacy fence. Add lattice and cap the poles to finish.

Bamboo privacy fencing can be used in many areas of your outdoor living space to provide aesthetic appeal and privacy. Even if you have limited space, natural bamboo fences can maximize what you do have. And with a bamboo fence, you’ll find that street noise is muffled with the bamboo acting as a barrier.

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If you value your own space, a bamboo fence around your deck or patio can give you the privacy you want. With a privacy fence you can enjoy your backyard without feeling that your neighbors are watching you.

There are lots of prime spots for a bamboo fence. Like for instance, how about putting it around your hot tub or pool. Bamboo fences also work great keeping unwanted visitors out of the vegetable garden.

Privacy fences are also useful in blocking unsightly elements from view. Who really wants to look at an air conditioning unit or a garbage can? It’s easy to block them out with a small section of fencing or a bamboo panel. And if you use bamboo fence panels, which are pre-made in sections, installation becomes a breeze.

Cost is always a factor whenever home improvements are being considered. Compare the cost of a bamboo fence to either a wooden or a plastic molded fence. Without a doubt, bamboo will come out as far more reasonably priced. And since bamboo will give you similar elements in terms of privacy and appearance, it is certainly the most inexpensive option.