45 Creative Diy Wooden Home Decorations Ideas

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If you do have not enough money for decorating your home but you do have a keen interest home-decor DIY, then you can give your home a trendy makeover in a tight timeline and budget too. For doing this, you do not need to invest a lot of money nor hire an expert; you can do this as a DIY project by just letting your creative juices flow!

Decorating while on a tight budget includes ideas such as gathering affordable bright dishes from second-hand shops and garage sales (choose flat pieces) and displaying them using a simple wooden rack or cornice area to showcase them.

Another great new way to jazz up home decor style is to create a backsplash effect. You can achieve this by setting up a hardboard unit on your favorite area on the wall. Lay a few carefully chosen horizontal tiles in a mixture pattern, allow them to grout and dry. Your headboard or wall art is truly different and trendy!

Give a new finish to old hard wood floors by using rough grained sand paper first then fine-grained sandpaper. This will give the floor an unfinished, rustic wood look that looks oh-so French country. Seal this in with satin polyurethane varnish. Cover focus spaces on this new, rural-chic flooring with area rugs and accent mats for instant homely touches.

Area rugs are a brilliant accessory if you are looking for affordable ways to spice up your home decor. Area rugs are versatile and colorful and come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, colors and designs to suit every kind of home decor. What’s more, you can always find an area rug to fit in with any budget.

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There are many affordable plans for home decorating: if you want to make a room’s look bigger then you should purchase mirror tiles (price of a pack is eight dollars for twelve pieces at Wal-Mart, but you may want to scout around thrift shops and craft stores that offer discounts for other similar ideas and cheaper prices than these too). Fix these to the wall in a huge quadrangle or other shape you like and surround with framed images of any of your kid’s or grandchild’s artwork. These are also wonderful conversation starters!

Another cheap home decorating idea is to add fancy lighting in unusual places. You could hang lamp-cord sets, which are easily available at local hardware shops and combine these with any thing in the home that you can find including cane wastebaskets or metal strainers as lamp covers. Wrap the cord over easily to fit in the hook in the roof. Drop down the cord from the roof by the side of the wall for an interesting and unusual look.

In these simple and easy ways, with a little bit of creativity to everyday things, you can apply effective home-decorating methods to give a new look to old things regularly and keep your home decor stylish and functional, even on a budget.