49 Cute Pink Valentines Day Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Cute Pink Valentines Day Decoration Ideas For Your Home 45

February 14th is a day that many people look forward to, no matter what their age. Valentines’ Day is a day to show your love to one another, whether it be romantic, friendly, or family love. I’m sure you all have memories of Valentines’ Day with those whom you love, and if you have a family of your own it should not be any different. Your family can spend Valentines’ Day together through fun activities that show how much you love each other.

In order to get your children in the mood of Valentines’ Day, you can have them wear red and pink clothes that they already have. You can help them decorate their outfits with belts and hearts and ribbons. You can even paint your daughter’s nails with red and pink polish. Sew in heart button slips. Just cut hearts and slit them the same size as the slits of your outfit and the buttons will be in place with hearts surrounding them.

Love letters are not only used for those who are courting each other, but they can also be used for family members. You can leave them in different places like mirrors, cupboards, or in their bags. You can also leave roses and chocolates along with it. It will be their first valentine for that day, and they will surely appreciate the effort you put into making them feel loved. Your family will know that they will always have at least one valentine every year, and that will be you. You will always have them to be your Valentine too.

At breakfast, you can make a special Valentines’ Day breakfast for your family. You can cut out hearts and place them on the table setting along with ribbons and flowers. The breakfast can be made up of heart-shaped foods like pancakes or waffles or even French toast. You can use a mold or you can cut them into hearts with a cookie cutter or freestyle it with a knife.

If you make lunch for your children and/or spouse, you can make their lunch a little bit more special today by cutting their sandwich into a heart shape with a large cookie cutter and serving heart-shaped sugar cookies. You can also leave a bit more of dessert as well with chocolates kisses and other sweets.

At the end of the day, you can make your family a Valentines’ Day dinner. Set the table with pink and red decorations and roses for a centerpiece. You can even make the dinner itself heart-shaped by making your own pizza. A crust mix makes it easy. To make your children feel more involved, you can have them help make dessert like cupcakes or muffins.

Put a marble in each pan’s muffin cup outside the muffin paper liner to make a dimple for a heart shaped muffin. A heart-shaped cake can be made by making a square cake layer and a round cake layer. Cut the round layer in half and align each half with two adjacent sides of the square. Frost it all over and you have an instant heart-shaped cake. Finish the day off with a family video like “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown” and some delicious popcorn and ice cream and you’re sure to have had a wonderful family Valentines’ Day.


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