43 Unique Outdoor Valentine Decoration Ideas

Unique Outdoor Valentine Decoration Ideas 31

Some people dislike Valentine’s Day, other folks relish it, but one thing’s for sure: A lot of people celebrate it! Valentine’s Day is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the United States, with millions of couples buying chocolate, roses, or going out to a special dinner.

But what if you’re bored with the traditional Valentine’s Day routine? Here are ten fun and original ideas to make your Valentine’s Day special and unique for you and your sweetie.

Idea #1:

Plan a Valentines party for those you love. Make it a potluck to cut down on the expenses. Decorate your house with hearts and anything red and pink. Invite lots of people you care about, such as neighbors, friends, relatives, and their children. It’s also particularly nice to remember those who have lost their spouses.

Idea #2:

Make Valentine treats and take them to the pediatric unit at your local hospital, a nearby nursing home, or even surprise your friends who might be spending the evening at home alone.

Idea #3:

Event tickets are a unique gift idea, and are enjoyed by almost everyone. However, these don’t necessarily need to be used on Valentines Day or even shared with you. Consider purchasing tickets for your loved one so he or she can go to a special event that they could enjoy themselves, such as a women’s lecture series or a fishing and camping show. Be sure to get two tickets so they can invite a friend who shares their interest!

Idea #4:

Order dinner in and serve it on your good china. Even better, have a family picnic on the living room floor! Gather candles from around the house and eat by candlelight, and be sure to include the younger members of the family.

Idea #5:

Plan an evening outdoors, doing something like skiing, sledding, or snowboarding. If you have children, go outdoors and build a snow fort in the back yard. Dinner can occur before or after the outdoor activities, and can be something as simple as pizza at home. End the evening with hot chocolate and cookies in front of the fire to warm everyone up again.

Idea #6:

Recreate the “good old days.” Visit your favorite old restaurant, if it is still nearby. If you have since moved away, call the restaurant to inquire if they will freeze and ship your favorite entrees to your home, so you can enjoy them as a special treat.

Idea #7:

Clean things up! Have your loved one’s car cleaned and detailed. Be sure to include a full tank of gas and a new emergency kit, if they don’t already have one. A freshly cleaned car is something everyone can appreciate!

Idea #8:

Sleepover! Host a sleepover for your grandkids to give their parents a much-deserved Valentine’s Day break. Everyone benefits-you get to have special time with your grandkids, plus mom and dad have some time alone to rest and recharge.

Idea #9:

Call in the pros! Give your loved one a gift certificate for a professional housecleaning. Or if you are brave, surprise them having the house cleaned while they are away. There is nothing like entering a spotless home when someone else has done all the hard work!

Idea #10:

Say it all! Make a list of all the things you love about your special someone, including unique quirks and special secrets that only the two of you share. Write everything down in a beautifully bound book, or write each note on a separate slip of paper, and put them all inside a special box. This will likely become one of your spouse’s most treasured gifts.

Valentine’s is such a fun and special time of year for anyone who is in love. Make it really special this year by doing something unexpected. Your loved one is sure to appreciate your thought and efforts, and it will hopefully create lasting memories for the two of you to share and remember in years to come.


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