49 Awesome Winter Themed Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Awesome Winter Themed Bathroom Decoration Ideas 47

Just walk into any bathroom store today and you will be astounded in how this industry has changed to suit our needs. When you are ready to redo your bathroom, start with comparing bathroom vanities first as they are the focal point in a bathroom. Decorating a bathroom first, usually starts the creative juices flowing, and by the time you are ready to start with the other rooms you will make good choices.

When we think about a bathroom, we usually don’t spend much time pondering on it. It’s a place to go when one “has” to and not a place where ones wants to stay longer.

Way back then, usually going to the bathroom consisted of running outside to a hole in the ground which was covered by a small wooden shack.

As times changed and our world became more modern, so did your bathrooms. Now we could have a toilet inside the home with wash basin and bath tub. Soon, porcelain was made and things changed drastically for basins, tubs and toilets.

The humble bathroom became a place to decorate and hence spend some more time in. I am sure you can recall your grandparents or even great grandparents’ bathrooms. They were sterile uninviting, small and stuffy usually freezing in the winter months.

As the industrial boom found it’s momentum, giving the working class more buying power, so did home decor become more fashionable. Gone were the days when a bathroom was just seen as a place to quickly go, and gone were the days where you only had white to work with.

Nowadays you just need to go to a department store and they usually have a bathroom section laid out with wonderful styles and themes.

As mentioned before, vanities are the focal point in your bathroom. It should set the tone for other fittings and fixtures in the bathroom. It consists of a basin with faucets, a marble, granite, porcelain or perspex top fitted to a cabinet which has a shelf or shelves inside of the cabinet. Vanities are placed in front of mirrors for convenience.

There truly are many bathroom vanities to choose from and which ever one you settle on, that one will make you happy for years to come. Make going to the bathroom a pleasurable activity for you and your loved ones. Make it a place where you can hide, to find peace and relaxation from a stressful day.


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