43 Brilliant Small Apartment Decoration Ideas On A Budget

Brilliant Small Apartment Decoration Ideas On A Budget 34

Whether you have the task of decorating a small apartment or are just looking for ways to solve storage issues, you will find that these decorating ideas are easy and can be put into place in a short period of time.

If you have a space-deprived apartment, you can’t go wrong with a wooden trunk that serves as a coffee table as well as a storage container. You have a flat surface on top for beverages, snacks, and candles as well as a nice empty space hidden below to store throws, pillows, books and magazines.

This multitasking trunk takes up no more space than a conventional coffee table and tops the list as an apartment decorating idea.

Along the same line is a large wicker basket with a lid. Although the surface is not as stable as the wooden trunk the wicker basket is still an attractive, useful storage container for any apartment. It can be used not only for storage but also as a hamper in the bedroom or bathroom.

Stacked sets of secondhand suitcases are not only functional but are also the topic of conversation. They can be eye-catching and practical accessories for any apartment but are especially unique as part of a college apartment decorating plan. They will hold all of those items that seem to end up as clutter in a small room.

An apartment decorating idea that is very practical as well as attention-grabbing is to use a lattice organizer on a tall, skinny stretch of wall or on a door. Lattice can be purchased at any home improvement store.

Paint or stain the lattice and attach a variety of hangers or hooks, such as unique drawer knobs, cabinet pulls or other inexpensive appropriate items. Then place scarves, bath towels, jewelry or even kitchen utensils and dish towels on the hooks.

Now both you and your landlord will be happy because there aren’t numerous holes in the wall and everything has a place to hang.

There are basic design principles that can transform a small, dark apartment into a space that appears bright and airy and more spacious than it really is.

1) Vertical lines draw the eye upward. Think in terms of vertical d├ęcor and vertical storage units.

2) Freeing floor space makes a room more streamlined. This can be accomplished by choosing furniture that has thin legs so you can see under and around the pieces of furniture.

3) Light colors make rooms look larger. Remember this as you are choosing paint colors as well as fabric for furniture and window coverings.

These easy apartment decorating projects can be completed in a weekend and will help solve your storage problems.


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