55 Elegant Rustic Bedroom Brick Wall Decoration Ideas

Elegant Rustic Bedroom Brick Wall Decoration Ideas 26

If you think your bedroom needs a makeover, why not try Tuscan design. Tuscan designs are the most fun and easiest designs to incorporate in your old bedroom. Give your old drab room a warm, romantic feel. Here are some ways to achieve the Tuscan look in your bedroom.

Paint the walls with rust or other earth tones. Rich, vibrant colors like burnt orange and ochre are essential to achieve the warm, cheery Tuscan style. These colors complement well with light as well as dark-colored fixtures or furniture. Dark furniture is accentuated by a yellow or reddish wall. The same goes for pale blue or white fixtures. Paints can be smooth or textured. You can also paint murals with floral country designs, hilltop villages. Or you can use wallpaper with Mediterranean prints. Staring at the scenery can give calming, even therapeutic, effects.

For the ceiling, you can also install beams, whether brick, wood or faux. Keep them unpainted, or paint them with a contrasting color for accent. Flooring can be made of reddish stone, clay tiles or red wood. Whatever the material is, the color must blend well with the walls.

Invest in an interesting Tuscan piece, whether a hand-painted bed, country cabinets or antique bookcase. While distressed wood may sometimes be used, you can also see lavish carvings at the headboard or at the legs of the chairs. The pieces do not need to be of the same kind. An oak nightstand can go well with a deep brown table and antique cabinets. Pieces are usually stand-alone, so you can move the furniture to some parts of the house, and bring them back in your room when you feel like it.

“Tuscanize” your old fixtures. If you are on a tight budget or if you have some pieces that you don’t want to throw away, you can refurbish them for a new, Tuscan look. Instead of placing a small colorful rug on the floor, placing them on the wall would make it an interesting wall d├ęcor. Replace your old lamp stand with wrought iron or antique steel.

There are many ways to incorporate Tuscan designs into your bedroom. All you have to do is know where and how to find them. Make use of your old fixtures or purchase inexpensive pieces from flea markets or the internet. A few coats of paint or some interesting pieces, coupled with the right accessories such as curtains, bed sheets or a throw, can help achieve the Tuscan look.

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