47 Cool Indoor Vertical Garden Design Ideas

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Instead of laying your tools up against a wall or in a corner, consider using a vertical shed for your storage needs. Not only limited to tools, these storage solutions are tall yet compact and can help to de-clutter your home. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the Suncast Vertical Garden Shed is crafted from extremely durable resin.

This crack-proof resin can withstand weather conditions of all types. Their vertical oriented garden shed comes in two sizes- a 20 cubic foot and a 60 cubic foot. The tall, thin design makes it ideal for long-handles tools, but it can be used for trash bins, pool supplies, paint, and anything else that you want protected and organized.

At the bottom entry of the shed lies a convenient ramp which is helpful in rolling heavy objects into the shed. When using a dolly, heavy objects can be loaded or unloaded swiftly and easily. To keep children and intruders out of the shed, a padlock hasp is built into the doors.

Simply place a padlock of your choice through the loops to secure your inventory. Unlike many other shed companies, Suncast makes their products easy to assemble, requiring little or no tools. The shed ships in disassemble panels which snap together. Just follow the easy-to-read instructions and you’ll have your garden shed assembled in a half hour or less.

A variety of tools fits perfectly into the tall storage space, including grass trimmers, rakes, shovels, long paint rollers and hedge trimmers. Other items such as garbage canisters, soil bags and garden hoses fit inside nicely as well. The Suncast garden shed serves two purposes, protecting your tools while de-cluttering your home.

Many tools are made of metal or plastic which can rust and corrode when exposes to the sun, rain and dirt. This Suncast shed provides the weatherproof protection that your tools deserve.


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