36 Relaxing Japanese Inspired Front Yard Decoration Ideas

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Most people associate Asian decor with oriental style decor. Oriental decor has influences from China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. While this style of decor is very popular, there are other styles of Asian decor. Asia is a very large continent with many different countries and cultures.

Therefore, Asian decor also has middle Eastern and East Indian influences. This versatile style of decor has everything from a tropical to a desert theme.

Oriental style decor has an exotic feel with bright, vivid colors, including a lot of red, black and gold. Floral designs are common, including cherry blossoms, orchids, bamboo, mums and lotus. Other common designs found in this type of decor include Chinese dragons, peacocks, fish, pandas, oriental landscapes and architecture and the intricate characters used to form Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese writing. Rosewood and bamboo are commonly used to create oriental style furniture.

Home decor that comes from South Asia also has an exotic appeal, with a much different look. Pakistan is a leading producer of cotton and has a large textile producing industry. Talented artisans from the rural areas of Pakistan and India make beautiful luxury bedspreads, duvet covers, throws, shawls, pillow covers and wall tapestries.

These textiles are full of bright, vivid colors and patterns and bring to mind the kind of decor you would expect to see in some desert palace. Asian textiles that are handmade commonly have imperfections in the pattern or stitching. They are not considered flawed, the imperfections add to their character and uniqueness.

In the past, authentic Asian decor was difficult to find without traveling abroad. If you were lucky, you might be able to find this type of home decor in some small boutique or perhaps a yard sale. Today, you can easily find exotic Asian decor online and have these treasures shipped right to your front door.


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