38 Brilliant Hallway Storage Decoration Ideas

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The hallways is filled with discarded coats and shoes, not to mention the twin half-closed umbrellas that have lingered there for nearly a week and a pile of school backpacks, untouched since Friday afternoon. From the door, it is a literal hop, skip, and jump around the mess just to reach the kitchen.

Haranguing the mess-makers has failed, possibly because the category includes every single person in the house, including the dog, whose leash lies tangled with the multiple pairs of shoes. Sooner or later something has to be done with the mess and clutter that is swiftly accumulating in the hallway.

The good news here is that hallway organizers and related decorative storage tools can easily turn chaos into order, offering stylish ways to keep the main artery of the household free of blockage and obstacles. With the aid of functional and elegant items, the cluttered appearance of an overstuffed, messy hallway can be changed into one of organized elegance.

One popular option for hallway storage, especially for items like shoes and umbrellas, is the versatile storage bench, which offers numerous configuration options, including underneath basket storage or other storage options, and maybe be upholstered for comfort, like a window seat, or with a natural wood seat/top.

Upholstered is the more trendy option right now. These benches are crafted from a wide variety of wood to match and accent any decor. They make a great place to sit down and put on shoes in the morning and take them off in the afternoon, before tucking them away beneath the bench or in a basket, out of sight and mind.

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Likewise, console tables are an excellent way to create more underneath storage and maximize the amount of surface area available as well. Tables with wicker baskets beneath them often a clever storage option for untidy umbrellas, shoes, and other clutter than regularly accumulates in the hallway.

The top is a great spot for errant books and papers and to drop off the post on the way into the house, in order to read it later without misplacing it.

A matching hallway shelving unit with hooks can be used to hang backpacks, purses, or even the dog’s collar and leash for convenient access. These shelves are even available in cozy corner units. The shelves offer a convenient spot for the house and car keys, as well as decorative accents, like family photographs or a vase of fresh flowers.

Hallway shelves are available in various styles, including wall-mounted or standalone, and sizes to fit into whatever space is available.