38 Cool and Fun Christmas Stairs Decoration Ideas

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Christmas star decorations were only used on Christmas trees previously, but now you can also use them to decorate your entire home during the festive season. Christmas star decorations are available in wide range of colors, sizes and prices as well. The star is in fact one of the most famous and important symbol of Christmas.

It has been part of the Christmas tradition for more than 2000 years. Stars can be used in any part of the decoration such as on top of Christmas trees, cribs, home decorations, on cards, on picture frames and many more.

The star is well recognized for leading the magi to Jesus when he was born. After Christ was born, the three wise men, which are referred as the Magi followed the star from the east to the birthplace of Jesus Christ. From this time onwards, people had always wanted to find out about the Christmas star.

This famous star which is a significant part of the Christmas tradition can be found in all sizes. They make great part of decorations and add to the celebrations as well. You can find them in traditional Christmas stores and also on online stores. Christmas star decorations were always part of the Christmas tree.

They were always hung right on top of the Christmas tree. These days, due to creativity and modern decorating ideas, people have replaced stars with angels and other forms of tree toppers.

However, if you want to have a starry Christmas this year, there are many ideas on the internet that you can use. You can even hand craft these stars using cardboard and aluminum foil. You can use glitter on top to give them sparkly look.

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They can be used in the home and even for outdoor decorations. Consider decorating your outdoor area such as stairs, railing and deck with stars. They will definitely add to the charm of the festive season.