38 Stunning Christmas Front Door Decoration Ideas

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Christmas door decoration is considered an important part of Christmas decoration as it is believed that Santa Clause knocks everybody’s door in the midnight with lots of gifts and chocolates. All the guests are welcomed through doors and hence, Christmas door decoration leaves the first impression for the guests.

Decorating the house inside out for the Christmas celebration brings in lots of fun and enjoyment for all. Along with the interior decoration, exterior decoration has its own significance and the Christmas decoration is incomplete without it.

The front door of the house is the most significant amongst all doors and needs to be decorated exclusively by putting in various creative and innovative ideas. The doors can be wrapped with glossy Christmas gift papers to give it an attractive appearance.

Giant bows can be placed over the door along with a medium sized Christmas star hanging above the door with a lighting bulb inside it. Combination of red and white ribbons can be folded and pasted over the doors or can be adorned over the bow.

An another idea for Christmas door decoration is to carve out any of the Christmas figures from the cardboard or plywood and paint it and decorate it nicely to hang it over the front door along with wreath and spray mounts. It would look great if the figure carved out will be of a snowman or a Santa Clause.

Two small Christmas trees can be placed on either side of the front door decorated with small bells, pearl garlands and a welcome symbol. The path following the front door to the main entrance of the house can be outlined with small plants placed in pots and these plants can be adorned with tiny rice bulb lights.

The path can be decorated by painting it with white color to give snowy appearance and various shiny ribbons can be tied across to make the roof over the path following the front door to welcome the guests. This sounds like a perfect way of Christmas door decoration.


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