40 Exciting Silver and White Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

40 Ezciting Silver And White Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas 21

Trees are primarily green, right? Well, I suppose that depends as some trees have foliage that changes color, for example most of the trees in new England turn fantastic colors of red, orange, yellow, and much more drawing visitors from a far (known to locals as “leap peepers”). But trees are usually green, right? Certainly Christmas trees?

That is not entirely correct. The White Christmas Tree is quite common after a snow fall, and to many people a white Christmas is the best of all. Certainly a white covering of fresh snow makes everything look pure and clean and beautiful, even if it is quite cold! “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” is after all a common refrain come December.


In reality Christmas trees are primarily green, at least the natural ones indoors that we festively and gaily decorate every holiday season. With the rise of high quality artificial however, they can be any color. Green is very popular and a good artificial tree will be virtually indistinguishable from a real natural one. Other colors are quite popular as well.

Pink trees are quite the rage. Pink is many children’s favorite color, a traditional color for baby girls, and for adults the color of passion. But a pink tree for Christmas? Popular but unnatural!

Purple is also common these days, and my local bookstore has a purple one on display at the door. It was formerly reserved for regal purposes such as king’s clothing and although I love purple it is not a natural tree color remotely!

Red is a traditional Christmas color, so I guess I somewhat understand red trees. Even natural ones often have a fair amount of red in them from decorations and ribbons etc.

And what about even odder colors? Silver became very popular in the 1960s. The first ones were manufactured in 1959 and had a color wheel which alternately shined red, green, yellow, and blue on the trees as they were made of aluminum and it was not considered safe to have electric lights on the trees. Those are now very fashionable and considered “retro.” Every color under the rainbow seems possible these days.


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