Cute and Cool Snowman Christmas Decoration Ideas

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How is your Christmas preparation coming along this year? Even though it’s not far away, the buzz and excitement of it is getting into people’s head! It’s nostalgic touch stirs up such excitement that it can make one feel happy just thinking about the presents they would give and take.

It all started out to be a plain white snowman. After a few years of “practice”, the decorators got good at and the snowman began to have clothes on, sometimes carrying a notice declaring Christmas is near. Some were more creative and added faces to the snowman!

How about the decorations that one would go about to beautify their homes? What would the government have for the streets of the mainland? I remember many during my childhood days, these Christmas were the coolest craze before when they first came out in various shapes and sizes and one of the most popular shape is the snowman.

Unlike the real snowman, which is made of snow, the air blown snowman is usually made of thin materials which is later filled with light gas that allows it to float. One of its most ironic features is that this snowman is deflatable! This allows reusing of the decorations for the next year.

But throughout my lifetime, I hardly see the same snowman twice. This is because of the creative geniuses that comes out with better, nicer and bigger Christmas decorations to replace that of the yesteryears. Much to the delight and interest of many, even tourist flock to the hottest part of town to crowd and watch parades go by. A joyous Christmas Party indeed!

Since its Christmas we are talking about, let’s not forget Santa Claus, he too has his fair share of air blown Christmas decorations made after him. All white and red, round and fat, riding his sledge of reindeers bobbing up and down in the air.

Are you a Christian? As one, I wish I would see more that will bring about the more accurate meaning to Christmas as well as the right spirit. But as I’ve observed so far, a shape of The Savior is hard to come by.


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