Inspiring Christmas Livingroom ideas

A Christmas tree serves as the centerpiece of every holiday home decoration, that’s why most homeowners take the time and effort setting it up and making sure it’s perfect. This may be fun, but it’s also a tedious job. But don’t worry; there are several ways to make Christmas tree decorating simpler and much easier.

Once you’ve chosen this year’s perfect tree, set it in water immediately as you arrive home. A fresh-cut tree will absorb plenty of water early on. Use a stand that has good water reservoir to keep your tree fresh all throughout the holiday season.

Once your tree is all set for decorating, decide on what theme to follow. It could be a color theme or a Christmas theme like Winter Wonderland.

Doing so will save you a lot of time since you have an idea which decors you will use to decorate your Christmas tree.

Tip: If you want something more unique for a color theme than the classic red and green, why not try a combination of copper and blue? It will give a dramatic look for your Christmas tree and will surely charm your guests.

Before putting on any d├ęcor on your Christmas tree, attach your Christmas lights first before anything else. This task is the most time-consuming so it is good to get it over with early on in the process. Start from the bottom of the tree going up, stringing the lights underside every branch. It is advisable to wrap your Christmas lights in the depth of the tree instead of simply draping it around the perimeter. This way, you will have more space for your ornaments and it will give your Christmas tree a 3D effect look.

Instead of simply hanging your ornaments at the tip of the tree’s branches, place them further inside to add depth and uniqueness.

Start by placing the basic ornaments like Christmas balls and tinsels evenly around the tree. Place the ‘more special’ ornaments in between the basic ones.

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Add-ons and finishing touches such as icicles and snowflakes should be distributed around the tree after every ornament is placed.

Tip: Use ribbons instead of tinsels – it’s safer for the kids in the household and it’s less clean-up.

If you get organized and follow these simple tips, you will find out that Christmas tree decorating is a piece of cake after all.


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