46 Beautiful Rustic Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

If you live in a climate that experiences mild winters, you may be thinking about hosting a rustic backyard Christmas dinner party. This type of outdoor event can be an enchanting experience for all your guests, and it will certainly be fun to plan and prepare for. Use the following tips if you want to celebrate Christmas with an outdoor party this year.

Even mild climates can get a bit chilly by late afternoon and evening. To prepare for cool evening air, be sure to have your “outdoor fireplace” at the ready to help keep your patio warm and so your guests won’t feel like they need to wear mittens. There is a wide variety of outdoor fireplaces you can choose from so you’re certain to find one that complements the style of your patio and garden. In addition, this feature will come in handy for all your evening entertainments in the backyard. Be sure to add some festive evergreen to your outdoor fireplace so it can serve as a holiday focal point for your patio.

When planning your Christmas party, it helps to have a checklist so you can check off each part of the preparation process. You’ll need to set a date, decide on a budget, determine your guest list, send out invitations, consider the entertainment, and, of course, select a menu. You may wish to host a formal affair where you provide all the food and drink or you may decide to host a more rustic potluck where each guest brings a special dish to share. All of these elements need to be decided well in advance of your party date.

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Many hosts enjoy decorating for their Christmas party in accordance with a theme. “Some popular ideas include traditional Christmas, vintage, 60s, 70s, 80s, quintessentially English, pantomime, circus, Chicago jazz, winter wonderland, ballroom, colors, film inspired,” and many others. Once you know your theme, you can decide how to decorate your outdoor patio and table. You might even plan your menu in accordance with your chosen theme for added effect.

Although many of your guests will enjoy simply mingling, you may want to provide some structure and entertainment to you party. For instance, you might invite local instrumentalists to play at your party during dinner. On the other hand, if you’re hosting a large gathering, you might want to hire a DJ. You’ll also need to set aside time for a gift exchange if appropriate and special activities for children if they’ll be in attendance too. If you’re hosting family, you might find it pleasant to play games in front of the fireplace and sip hot cocoa.

Using these tips, you can create a memorable backyard Christmas party. If your climate permits, you’ll find that an outdoor Christmas can be particularly pleasant–and it also allows you to keep most of the holiday mess outdoors too!

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