44 Gorgeous Pink and Gold Christmas Decoration Ideas

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When you think of Christmas colors, do you see bright red and green? Don’t stop there! Using some non-traditional colors can really enhance a vintage Christmas decoration theme.

For a Victorian look, think in terms of jewel tones. Intense and vibrant or deep and regal, rich shades of red, blue, green, mustard gold, and purple all work beautifully in period decor.

The Victorians loved color and used it everywhere, so don’t be shy. And don’t worry about using colors together! In fact, fabrics with a period-type print like a dark multi-color paisley make a superb addition; try layering them over a tablecloth or draping under an arrangement of greens.

Single-color themes can also be very effective. Consider using various shades of reds ranging from dusty pink to deep burgundy, or try the range of purples from pale lilac to deep plum.

Pale pastels, though less historically accurate, work very well in Victorian period holiday decor. For a truly dramatic theme dripping with elegance and sophistication, try using only shades of white, ecru, and cream. Highlighted with lush greenery, ropes of craft-store pearls and plenty of both gold and silver tone metallic, an all-white theme can be absolutely breathtaking.

Whatever colors you choose, don’t forget the bling. Shiny metallic trims, delicate filigree ornaments, gilt ribbons, strings of gold craft beads, you name it – if it ads glitter and shine, it can be a great accent in a Victorian-themed decor.

To establish a rustic decorating theme, look for natural tones: the warm hues of wood, the the deep green of fir and pine, vibrant apple and cranberry reds, and the gold of a crackling fire.

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Neutral fabrics like linen or even burlap make a great foundation for simple arrangements of greens, fruit, and candles. But a cheery red or green gingham check can be a great accent, perhaps topped with a basket of fragrant pine cones.

Keep metallic to a minimum for authentic rustic style, but a few gleaming brass or pewter accents are great.

If a retro Christmas is your style, color is key and the brighter, the better! The authentic holidays prints of the postwar period features bright, intense reds and greens in bold graphic prints. For a real fifties vintage look, don’t go over the top with metallic, but add plenty of sparkle with shiny glass ornaments and strands of silver tinsel. And big, bright multi-color lights are guaranteed to give a retro style to your tree.

However if sixties chic is what you crave, get creative with color. Go for clear, bright tones, and don’t stop with red and green. Yellow, lime, turquoise, and magenta can be part of your theme, and don’t forget to accent with white, black, and silver.